Kinologen-Samariter-Bund der Ukraine

Logo_KSB!+Kinologen-Samariter-Bund der Ukraine (Union of Samaritan Dog Handlers of Ukraine) is a public association whose purpose is to help people become familiarized with the use of dogs which have special search and rescue, medical-healing, and therapeutic abilities. The primary aim of KSBU is aid and rehabilitation involving specially selected and trained dogs under the supervision of qualified specialist dog trainers for people who find themselves in a difficult psycho-emotional state and/or a state of disability. KSBU also focuses on: training and education of special rescue dogs and rescue dog handlers; training and education of specialists in service dogs and canine therapy with the assistance of international experts; organizing events that are aimed at creating a culture of dog handling in the community as well as encouraging the humane treatment of animals.


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