What Makes Us Unique?

about_us_whatIn a nutshell – a lot! While therapy and service dog organizations are common in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, we are the first such project in Ukraine. We take pride in having partners that train service dogs to the highest of standards and take no shortcuts when it comes to pairing and preparing canine-veteran teams. One of the best parts of our program? Many of our therapy dogs are shelter or rescue dogs, sometimes even coming from the eastern regions of Ukraine affected by war. This creates a symbolically powerful relationship, as both the dog and soldier help one another with life after war.

All of our veteran service dogs are donated free of charge to any qualified Ukrainian Armed Forces or volunteer battalion member.  At Hero’s Companion we believe that Ukrainian soldiers have made immense sacrifices to defend their country, its freedom and independence.  In return, we strive to do what we can to help them heal and lead lives in which they not simply exist, but live.

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