What Makes Us Unique?

In a nutshell – a lot!  We are the first organization in Ukraine that addresses the need for psychological rehabilitation through the power of the human-canine bond.  We work with a vast array of groups, including injured veterans and returning soldiers, former prisoners of war, internally displaced persons, children affected by war, and special needs children.  Our therapy dogs visit military hospitals and medical institutions, rehabilitation centres, schools, community centres, special events, and work in close cooperation with other non-profits who serve those suffering as a result of the ongoing war.

Our efforts are centrally coordinated and offered free of charge.  Our team is also 90 percent comprised of women!  From the leadership to the trainers and dedicated volunteers, we have a passionate and driven complement of women who work tirelessly to affect positive change in society.

At Hero’s Companion we believe that Ukrainian soldiers and veterans have made immense sacrifices to defend their country, its territorial integrity, and independence.  In return, we strive to help them heal and lead lives in which they do not simply exist, but live.

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