How Do Service Dogs Help Veterans?

Many benefits can be observed once a veteran has been paired with his service dog. They include:

  • Increase in patience, impulse control, and emotional regulation & stability
  • Improved ability to display affection
  • Greater ability to bond and trust
  • Decrease in emotional numbness/emotions less bottled up
  • Improved sleep
  • Significant decrease in suicidal thoughts
  • Decreased depression, increase in positive sense of purpose
  • Decrease in startle responses
  • Decrease in use of pain medications
  • Increased sense of belongingness and acceptance
  • Decreased feelings of social isolation
  • Increase in assertiveness skills, without aggression but confident
  • Improved parenting skills and family dynamics
  • Less war stories and flashbacks and more in-the-moment thinking
  • Lowered stress levels, increased sense of calm

If you are a veteran interested in finding out more about our Service Dog program please fill out this form.

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