Therapy Dog Teams

Maryna Prokopenko and Metis Nika

Maryna_idNika_idNika is a unique dog. She used to live on the street, but Maryna’s love and handler skills have made her a very good therapist. Nika also works as a service dog for a veteran very close to Maryna. It’s not typical for one dog to be both a service dog and a therapy dog, but that’s what a really extraordinary dog can do! Additionally, Nika does search and rescue work as well.

She is a very calm and balanced dog. She always knows what her “patients” expect her to do and she likes to spend time with them.

ID № HCTD001. Date: August 2015.

Kalyna Kardash and Golden Retriever Kora

K2Kora_idHero’s Companion founder and Director Kalyna adopted Kora from a shelter in Canada. Kora is a very special dog – not only does she often travel from Canada to work as a therapy dog in Ukraine, she is also training to be a service dog!

Kora loves visiting different centres and working with a variety of different people. She makes sure to make everyone feel special, especially if they give her a lot of attention or treats! Kora’s signature “smile” and warm personality always leaves people asking when she will be back again!

ID № HCTD002. Date: February 2016.

Iryna Perova and Labrador Retriever Michelle


Michelle’s family calls her Myshka (“mouse”) at home. She likes to meet new people and enjoys interacting with them.

She was really incredible with her willpower during the testing. She is very gentle and attentive to her “patients”.

ID № HCTD003. Date: February 2016.

Valentyna Rezanova and Border Collie Runa

valrunaEveryone knows that Border Collies are very active and talented dogs. Runa’s qualities combine natural activity, obedience, and harmony. It makes her a great buddy for walks and activities. But it also makes her a reliable, calm companion who is happy just to be next to you.  Runa is a dog that was rescued from the ATO zone.

ID № HCTD004. Date: February 2016.


Nataliya Chuprun and Golden Retriever Riki

natalirikiRiki has all the best features such as happiness, sensitivity, good behavior, and gentleness. He loves his therapist work on an instinctive level. His individual approach to each “patient” makes him distinguished. He has an innate sense of tact: he comes to one person and shows his readiness to be petted; he brings a toy to another person to play with them; but he can also lie down near someone and wait (often near small children).

ID № HCTD006. Date: May 2016.

Olga Bibikova and Golden Retriever Nessi


Nessi is cheerful and funny. Her “patients” always like to play with her, throwing her sticks and toys. But at the same time, she can be by your side and support you if that’s what’s needed.

ID № HCTD008. Date: May 2016.

Ksenya Khidik and German Boxer Elya

ksenyaelyaElya is a dog of one of our service dog trainers (the one who trains the service dog in training Chief). This amazing dog is very calm and tranquil. She and her handler have a lot of experience visiting children with disabilities. She definitely possesses all of the characteristics of a reliable therapist!

ID № HCTD009. Date: September 2016.

Yuliya Turenko and Labrador Retriever Nafanya

yulya_nafnafanyaID № HCTD010. Date: September 2016.

Tetyana Bibikova and Golden Retriever Nessi

tetnesiAnd we meet Nessi again! A dog has to pass the test one more time with another person if he/she is going to work with a different handler.  Nessi and handler Tetyana have a special touch when it comes to working with special needs children, and their calm and warm manners are welcome by all!

ID № HCTD011. Date: September 2016.

 Natalya Flint and Labrador Retriever Mira

flintmiraMira is calm, gentle and a little bit of a playful girl. All these features make her a reliable companion for either calm or more active “patients”. Mira adores when people pet her, especially behind her ears. When she’s not working as a therapist she spends time at home and walks outside with children who live nearby. She has one special friend among them – a special needs child. That’s how her handler first understood that Mira is a very attentive therapist.

ID № HCTD014. Date: November 2016.

Olga Kovalenko and French Bulldog Hressi

olga_gressigressieEverywhere Hressi appears she attracts people’s attention and sympathy. Calm and careful, she knows how to make her patients love her. She is our first lap dog, which you can easily hold in your arms.

ID № HCTD015. Date: August 2017.

Yaroslava Kulchenko and Golden Retriever Arnie

yarosl arnieArnie serves as a resident therapy dog at an educational-rehabilitation center for special needs children in Chernihiv. He is patient, understanding, and responsible, and always ready to support, listen to, and inspire his little patients.

ID № HCTD016. Date: November 2017

Тetyana Zhykova  and Labrador Retriever Breda


ID № HCTD017. Date: December 2017

Оlga Smirnova and Miniature Schnauzer Lika

018_olga 018_likaID № HCTD018. Date: December 2017



Yuliana Overchenko and Labrador Retriever Miku


mikuID  № HCTD019. Date: February 2018

Viktoria Bolkina and Basset Hound Vatrushka

viktoriavatrushkaID  № HCTD020. Date: February 2018


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